Month: February 2013

Cloth Covered Wire

Rayon or cotton covered electric cord has been getting more popular in the past few years. People are using it to restore old lamps, vintage fans, or make antique looking pendants or swag lamps. It’s available in many cool fun different colors that were never available in the past. At we carry both cotton and rayon covered cord in red, blue, denim, purple, brown, black, gold and many more cool colors. We are also constantly adding more colors in both rayon and cotton. You can also choose between the twisted, parallel, or the regular round style, the different gauge sizes and the number of conductors. I personally love the red twisted wire. It really sticks out in whatever you use it in. It really makes a difference when you make or restore a lamp, a pendant or a vintage fan. Our idea is to give you all the material you need to create your own lamp. It’s easy to do and fun. We are also adding some readymade lamps and pendants using the Antique look of the cloth covered cord with vintage looking sockets and plugs. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or requests. We could also put it all together for you if you not into connecting wires, plugs and sockets. Choose from our selection of the cloth covered wire, our plugs, and our sockets. Tell us how long you would like the wire to be and what style of cord. Email us at


Antique Rayon Wire

Our Vintage Cloth Covered Cord