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What you should know about LED Filament Bulbs!

As LED Filament bulbs are getting more popular those are some points we should keep in mind.  The first and most important one is the UL listing for those bulbs.  This is especially important for those bulbs since UL requires the bulb (glass part) to be coated with a special silicon which makes the glass shatterproof or to be made out of plastic.  No other bulb require this except the Filament LED bulbs.  This includes the standard LED Filament Bulbs and the Nostalgic LED Filament bulbs.  The reason for that is the LED filaments inside the bulb will turn on and work fine even if the glass is broken or missing. Electricity will run through the filaments and if a person touches it accidentally they will get an electric shock.  Unlike the incandescent bulb which will not turn on if the glass is broken, cracked or missing. Once air goes in, the bulb burns.  To date, only UL requires this and unfortunately, we have been seeing may online and retail stores selling Non-UL LED Filament bulbs.  Most of the time they don’t even know about this requirement.

Some of those bulbs are dimmable and some are not!  The dimmable LED Filament bulbs do require special dimmers and they will only dim to 30%.  They do cost 3 to 4 times more then what an Edison Vintage bulbs costs, but they also last 10 times longer and consume about 10% of what the incandescent nostalgic bulb will consume for the same amount of light.  Overall, they are a smart buy if you in the market for those Vintage Edison bulbs.  Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Update 7/11/17

Now available LED filament Edison bulbs which are fully dimmable with all types of dimmers.  Those new bulbs don’t require the silicon coating on it since they will not work if the glass is cracked or broken.


How much light do these Vintage Edison bulbs really give out?

As the popularity of those vintage bulbs grows, some people are literally being left in the dark. Will a 60 watt vintage bulb give out the same amount of light as regular 60 watt incandescent bulb? Probably not. To understand this better we rally need to talk about lumens. Lumens is the measurement of light output. So regular 60 watt incandescent bulb gives out around 800 lumens. Now, the average 60 watt vintage bulb gives out only 400 lumen. Exactly half the light output. So why are those bulbs so popular? Well, those bulbs produce a nostalgic ambiance! They are not supposed to light up light up a room. The whole beauty of those bulbs is the filament and the fact that you can actually look at it. If the bulb is too bright it will look like a regular incandescent bulb.


Are Edison Vintage Bulbs Dimmable?

Going on our third year of selling those Nostalgic Bulbs there is one questions that is constantly being asked.  Are Nostalgic bulbs dimmable?   Well, yes.  All of the Nostalgic, Antique, or Vintage Edison bulbs are dimmable.  All of those bulbs are incandescent bulbs which are dimmable with any dimmer.  The use of dimmers with those bulbs is a great idea.  The real beauty of them is the filament.  When dimmed down to really low light they look magnificent.  The filament is just bright enough so you can look at it without hurting the eyes.  Just a pleasure to look at.  I personally love the way they look when dimmed down.  I would highly recommend using dimmers if possible.Vintage Edison Filament

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Old Fashion Light Bulbs

Old-fashioned light bulbs are back in fashion. There is defiantly something magical about Antique items. From clocks to cars, some things are just not made the way they used to. The nostalgic atmosphere those Edison light bulbs give is now sought after by many of the upscale restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail stores around the world. Lighting manufacturers are adding new styles of these old fashioned bulbs on a monthly basis. At we try our best to keep up with all the new bulb shapes and sizes. Globe and chandelier bulbs with the old tungsten filament are now being made in shapes that weren’t even made before. Visit our online store to view the latest old fashioned light bulbs.

Edison Bulbs in my new kitchen

Edison Bulbs in my new kitchen

Vintage Light Bulbs

Hi Nostalgic Bulb fans,
I’m Julie, and I blog over at
I love to decorate our home & cook yummy food for my family.
Thank you, Nostalgic Bulbs, for inviting me to blog on your blog 🙂
I absolutely love your products.
Especially, these babies…
Vintage light bulbs are very hot these days.
No pun intended, but really they are.
Especially at my house.
I use them throughout our home.
Nostalgic Bulbs are the most beautiful bulbs I have ever used.
Not only are they nice to look at,
they are reasonably priced.
They also are delivered quickly to your front door all nicely packaged.
Let me show you a few examples throughout our home.In our kitchen, we use the “beacon” style.
You can see they really bring out the crystals in our pendant lights.
If we had used a regular bulb, it would take away from the light fixture.
You can find more information on our DIY kitchen makeover here: Kitchen Makeover
I also used vintage light bulbs in our light fixture over our table.
These are the Nostalgic chandelier version.
These are beautiful lit, dimmed, or even off.
When we have company I usually dim them and they really set the mood.
When it’s homework time, back up they go.
Here’s another example of the vintage chandelier bulbs
in our master bedroom and master bathroom.
You can find more information on these makeovers here: Bedroom Makeover
Bathroom Makeover
I also happen to use the vintage bulbs in our halls.
They are best for light fixtures you can see through.
Not only is there less glare, but they are gorgeous.
Thank you Nostalgic Bulbs.
You make decorators like me light up!