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The difference between E26 and E27 Bulbs and sockets

What New

We carry Antique Light Bulbs that are 120-240Volt. From 30W to 60W Edison Marconi that could be used in Europe and all other countries which use 240 Volt.  View our 240 Volt Bulb selection.

Today we added a new Spiral Nostalgic Bulb that is also 120-240V. It is clear glass 60 Watts A-19 shape which is the standard shape of the incandescent bulb.

I have been getting some questions about the base size of those bulbs since in the US we use E26 and Europe uses E27. E26 stands for 26mm and the E27 for 27 mm in diameter. Those two standards are interchangeable, meaning a US E26 will fit a European E27 base, and E27 will fit in an E26 Base. The only difference is the voltage.