LED Edison Bulbs

What you should know about LED Filament Bulbs!

As LED Filament bulbs are getting more popular those are some points we should keep in mind.  The first and most important one is the UL listing for those bulbs.  This is especially important for those bulbs since UL requires the bulb (glass part) to be coated with a special silicon which makes the glass shatterproof or to be made out of plastic.  No other bulb require this except the Filament LED bulbs.  This includes the standard LED Filament Bulbs and the Nostalgic LED Filament bulbs.  The reason for that is the LED filaments inside the bulb will turn on and work fine even if the glass is broken or missing. Electricity will run through the filaments and if a person touches it accidentally they will get an electric shock.  Unlike the incandescent bulb which will not turn on if the glass is broken, cracked or missing. Once air goes in, the bulb burns.  To date, only UL requires this and unfortunately, we have been seeing may online and retail stores selling Non-UL LED Filament bulbs.  Most of the time they don’t even know about this requirement.

Some of those bulbs are dimmable and some are not!  The dimmable LED Filament bulbs do require special dimmers and they will only dim to 30%.  They do cost 3 to 4 times more then what an Edison Vintage bulbs costs, but they also last 10 times longer and consume about 10% of what the incandescent nostalgic bulb will consume for the same amount of light.  Overall, they are a smart buy if you in the market for those Vintage Edison bulbs.  Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Update 7/11/17

Now available LED filament Edison bulbs which are fully dimmable with all types of dimmers.  Those new bulbs don’t require the silicon coating on it since they will not work if the glass is cracked or broken.