Vintage Light Bulbs

Are Edison Vintage Bulbs Dimmable?

Going on our third year of selling those Nostalgic Bulbs there is one questions that is constantly being asked.  Are Nostalgic bulbs dimmable?   Well, yes.  All of the Nostalgic, Antique, or Vintage Edison bulbs are dimmable.  All of those bulbs are incandescent bulbs which are dimmable with any dimmer.  The use of dimmers with those bulbs is a great idea.  The real beauty of them is the filament.  When dimmed down to really low light they look magnificent.  The filament is just bright enough so you can look at it without hurting the eyes.  Just a pleasure to look at.  I personally love the way they look when dimmed down.  I would highly recommend using dimmers if possible.Vintage Edison Filament


Hello world!

Welcome to blog. We will keep you posted on any news, new products and the day to day activities of our new business. One of the first topics I will talk about is the phase out of the incandescent bulbs. I believe the 100 watt incandescent is already phased out and by 2014 all those bulbs will be out. The big question is whether or not our vintage reproduction bulbs will be phased out as well. I have heard a few stories about this subject. Some people say that those Antique reproduction bulbs will not be phased out since the fall under specialty bulbs and some say they will. Does anyone have any thoughts on this!